When you want install Windows from flash drive...
You can face the problem of having to format it
Entailing the need to preserve important files, which can be time-consuming task
But there is a workaround! WinUSB - small portable tool for create Windows USB without formatting

What's new in version

  1. Fixed an interface bug with cancelling distribution
  2. Fixed "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired" booting bug

We are working on...

  1. FeedBack form inside application
  2. Fixing bugs
  3. Logging optimization

About me

It's Me!


Hello!I'm WinUSB, a simple application which helps you create Windows multiboot USB drive using any ISO or DVD with Windows 7,8,10 distribution and make it without formatting in most cases! With me you no longer need to transfer many files to hard drive of your PC when you need create Windows bootable USB. I support both UEFI/BIOS for FAT32/NTFS/ExFAT USB flash drives and work same as master and will show you next step after current one completed.

    You will need to overcome just three steps:
  1. Choose USB drive to make bootable
  2. Choose several distributions on ISO or DVD
  3. Choose operation system, if you want to format drive initially

Click "Yes" and enjoy you own Windows bootable USB stick!