WinUSB Application Change Log: Explore the Latest Updates and Enhancements

WinUSB last history:

– Fixed Esset Nod autodownload option.

– Added Windows AIO ISO support.

– Updated Ubuntu auto download version to 18.4.

– Fixed bug “A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing” on some PCs

– Actualized Ubuntu Kylin autodownload URL.

– Fixed bug with WinPE distributions with non-standard location of BOOT.sdi

– WinPE Added

– Interface optimized

– Added Boot Manager, to browse and remove already burned distros

– Fixed bug With adding DriverPack frame to list

– Added DriverPack auto download ability

– Fixed “Other Boot loaders” form interface bug

– Added Ubuntu UEFI support

– Added Esset Live CD UEFI support

– Fixed Windows 7 Install.wim NOT FOUND bug

– Fixed finishing work bug after the first distribution

– Added ESET Live-CD bootable USB creation option.

– Added AVG Rescue CD bootable USB creation option.

– Now you can define boot menu item names by youself.

– Added Ubuntu bootable USB creation option. Experimental.

– Fixed bug with fails to recognize USB drives plugged to SS USB port on new machines

– Added social buttons

– Fixed an interface bug with cancelling distribution

– Fixed “Your PC/Device needs to be repaired” while booting bug

– Actualized 7z.dll

– Fixed a couple small bugs

– Fixed new “boot.wim read failled” bug

– Fixed the “Same names in boot Menu” bug

– Fixed “boot.wim read failled” – native system directory for 32-bit Windows – Great Thanks Nicolae Serban for help

– Fixed “boot.wim read failled” – code page bug for non-English Windows      – Great Thanks Nicolae Serban for help

– App size reduced – 2.6Mb

– Multiboot Windows USB creation for UEFI & BIOS

– New Interface

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