1. Select ISO or DVD to burn

First you need to select what type of distribution you have:

  • DVD icon Windows Installation dvd
  • ISO icon Windows ISO file

If you currently do not have any of them, don't worry, it's extremely simple to get Windows ISO from Microsoft website!

Let me show, where you can download it
Distribution selecting

2. Choose USB flash drive

Ok, now that we defined the type of distribution, we need to choose the flash drive wich will be bootable. You need a USB stick at least 4 GB of free space.

When you plug it in, I will show it automatically in combo-box. The horizontal line below of stick name represents the ratio of free and used space. If you remove some data from selected drive or unplugging it, I'll see it automatically.

Flash drive choice

3. Choose file system, if necessary

If you have enough space on flash drive to put windows distribution to it without remove something, I'll ask you whether you want to format it to one of known operation systems to get clean Windows USB drive.

But if space is not enough, I will have to insist on formatting to release it, because I don't know what files on drive are important for you and what does not. Of course you can transfer your files in a safe place )

In text under check-boxes, you can see additional information about selected by default work mode and causes of this choice.

Ok! When you will ready just click "Go" button, I'll take care of the rest!

Filesystem choise, and Go-button

Note! Booting in UEFI with NTFS USB drive required disabled boot security option.

WinUSB work process screenshot

Look video tutor?

The movie was created when I was young, calling WinLine and lived with my elder brother BootLine.