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Error on boot
After creating a multiboot pendrive with WinUSB with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and starting the computer by the pendrive, the message below is displayed.

[Image: 3GFKaUyfiZ6q.jpg]

I did the test on two computers, one with BIOS and one with UEFI and it exhibited the same error.

I used:


Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bits

Windows 10 Single Language 1607
Did you download Windows ISO files from microsoft website, as it described in this article -

Could you send me( [email protected] ) BCD files from USB drive?
BCD located:
BIOS BCD: <USB>\boot\bcd
UEFI BCD: <USB>\efi\microsoft\boot\bcd

This article looks useful in this problem:
Yes, i downloaded Windows ISO files from Microsoft webiste.

Unfortunately, this article not is solution for this problem. The error is also displayed on computers with old bios.

I sent the requested files by email.

Bug fixed in version
Added known Issue:

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